City College of Calamba (CCC) is a public higher education sinstitution in Laguna established in 2006 coinciding with the country's nationalhero, Jose Rizal's 145th birth anniversary.The institution was founded to provide low-cost and high-quality education to underprivileged. It is also subsidized by the city government and offers free tuition.

The CCC is declared as a non-partisan educational Institution funded by the City Government of Calamba. CCC was established for the exclusive benefit of legitimate residents of the City of Calamba. Gradually, it shall evolve into a self-sustaining autonomous educational institution performing as a local economic enterprise of the city government of Calamba.

It is the policy of the CCC to ensure the academic freedom and religious freedom under the 1987 Constitution. Moreover, except for the requirement of residency, completion of basic education in the City subject to reasonable exceptions, and , admission thru competitive examination, no student shall be denied admission by reason solely of age, gender, civil status, religious belief, economic status, ethnicity physical disability, or political opinion or affiliation.

Also, the CCC shall maintain an inclusive system of education responsive to the needs and demands of the industry and community. The College shall promote academic freedom and pursue academic excellence by continuously aligning its curricular offerings, acquiring and sustaining accreditation, establishing retention policies and maximum residency rule as well as enhancing its academic standards in the delivery of instruction, research and extension, and community service.


The City College of Calamba envisions itself as an accredited premier academic institution in the region, providing quality learning opportunities to financially challenged but deserving students in order to produce competent, conscientious, committed, and compassionate global professionals.


In pursuit of this vision, WE, the faculty, staff, and students of the City College of Calamba recognize our vital roles in collaboratively honing the professional by promoting social responsibility, moral uprightness, and national servitude, guided by the ideals, philosophies, and values of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

Core Values


Organizational Chart